Social commitment

We are convinced that substantial global issues can be tackled by giving away a share of our wealth others.
At the same time, we want to know our investment in trustful hands.  We found those hands in the organization BPN (Business Professional Network).

BPN is devoted to fostering existing businesses in clearly defined developing countries, generating workplaces and through that improving the lives of staff and their families.

This matches our vision of development aid – helping people to develop their potential. 

A country-specific association of companies provides the basis to bring together like-minded people. In addition, loans are provided to enable investments for applying companies. The receiving party commits to a payback within 4 years and to attend the training courses held by BPN.

Generally, AXXOS holds loans of 4 companies and donates money for continuing education.

All in all a rewarding investment with a tremendous potential for multiplication!

If this opportunity appeals to you, please consult for further information or feel free to contact us directly.