Empowering people is close to our hearts. Building and retaining skills is a key process in medical device technology and we at Axxos are experts in maximizing the learning effect.
Competent employees are the foundation of a successful company.

Our trainers at Axxos have many years of experience in medical device industry and in rhetoric and didactics. All training courses are created with a strong focus on learning atmosphere, learning experience and practical implementation. Various media such as scripts, (as few as possible) PowerPoint slides and flipcharts are used depending on the situation, always to maximize the learning effect.

We develop learning content and are permanent instructors at SAQ Qualicon and Sitem Insel, Bern. For in-house training courses, we combine the theoretical basics with company-specific content to create training units. We enjoy the interaction of face-to-face training and also have a lot of experience in how to teach exciting online trainings.

We offer dedicated training in all our areas of expertise and ensure that specific knowledge and skills are built up and consolidated. This is how quality creates additional organizational value.

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Regulatory Affairs
FDA Services
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