Values of Axxos

Our business is based on ethical Christian values. Inherent in its execution are the principles of openness, genuine interaction, mutual appreciation and stability. 

The respect afforded to our customers, partners and colleagues and also to the material goods we handle with our values, will lead to both long-term personal and long-term entrepreneurial success. Moreover, we count on the power, wisdom and blessing of God to assist us in all we do. 


Our interaction with one another and our customers is characterized as honest and forthcoming. We are always committed to the truth and aspire to communicate openly with our business partners. We will admit our mistakes when they occur and will also seek to correct those mistakes to the best of our ability. 


Authenticity and integrity is very important to us, both in the business context as well as in our private lives. We seek to live in accordance with our convictions and will regularly make room to earnestly reflect on and re-examine those convictions. 

Mutual Regard 

Our interaction with one another should always be courteous and caring.  We take our customers and our fellow team members seriously and also seek to give praise where praise is due and that without prior solicitation.


In our services we strive for a quality which not only meets the present requirements but which will surpass expectations and provide a long-term trust with our customers.

At all times we will engage highly qualified personnel who are flexible and ready to serve, who are able to motivate and be motivated and who are competent to work at their own direction.  Of our own initiative we are continually perfecting our know-how as we apply it to a multiplicity of diverse working situations. 


Our conduct is professional, will always conform to the latest professional requirements and will take into account future changes in market conditions. Our services fulfil the demands expected by our clients and seek to accommodate their accustomed and individual preferences. 


Our business partners can rely on us and can trust us to keep our word. 

If adaptations are requiremd in the terms, deadlines or services we agreed at the outset of any agreement, we are proactive in informing our clients to that effect . Our invoices will also accurately reflect the conditions agreed at the initiation of any contract.